There was a time when people would rarely have issues with their eyesight and everything was normal. But nowadays every other individual has problem with their eyesight and wearing glasses is becoming quite common these days. The use of mobile phones, computers, laptops, television, and other such things for hours has increased the chances of having bad eyesight. This is one reason why simple lenses of your glasses are not coming and there are lenses available now that will help you to fight off these issues where you can reflect light from computers and mobile phones with the help of you lens.

There have been researches that have confirmed that the overuse of smartphones can be harmful for the eyes. This is why it is recommended that one should stay vigilant and use smartphone for specific purpose only. This will help them to keep a better vision and also not damage their eyesight in the process. Apart from smartphones, television and laptops or computers are equally harmful for your eyesight. The less your use these things, the better options that you will have in order to save your eyesight. Problem with your eyesight not only has an impact on your eyes but it also affects other parts of the body which include your brain as well.

 The use of excessive smartphone can cause severe headaches as you have to continuously watch your screen. Adults on an average use a smartphone for seven hours a day which is one reason why there are issues with headaches or with your eyesight. Apart from this, by seeing any screen continuously, your mind stops to function properly. And that is one problem that people often face when they are at work where they have to work on their computers and laptops for long hours and it can take a toll on them. Thus having gaps in between such work is recommended so that there is time to relax your body and mind.

While there are people who have to wear glasses due to some problem i.e. with their eyesight or any other thing, there are people who wear glasses for fun as well. From wearing zero number glasses to wearing sunglasses, there are wide range of products that is available which you can buy. There are shops that have the trendiest sunglasses around that too in reasonable prices. Just like there are fashion stores for normal clothes and shoes, there are different trends for sunglasses as well. Some of the sunglasses that you may have today may be out of fashion after some time. So people have to keep themselves up to date with all the latest fashion design that is currently being followed by everyone.

Glasses may not be a mandatory thing to have in your fashion choice, but one thing is for sure that they do add value to whatever you wear. Any type of glasses that you wear will add something to your personality and that is the reason why people prefer to wear glasses. While we all know that glasses do look good, but there are different type of glasses that would go with your face type. Every person has a different face type and for every person there are different shapes of glasses that will go with it. From having a round face to having a diamond shape face or a base-down triangle, there are different glasses that would go with each of these face designs. A single shape of glasses will not be enough for any of these face shapes and each one would have a different design to go with.

People with round face shape with curved lines will usually go for frames that are rectangular and have a clear bridge. People who have a base-down triangle face shape will prefer to wear cat-eye shape glasses so that they can cover the face area properly. This is one reason why people prefer to get the best designs of frames for themselves as there are a lot of designs available that you can choose from in all these category types. The more you find brands and shops, the more options you will start to get which will make it difficult for you to select the best possible option. Apart from the face design, another thing that comes is the skin tone and hair color, when you are opting for new sunglasses.

These small components play a key role in order to determine which products must be chosen and which products must not be chosen. The skin tone is categorized as cool or warm while the hair color is also considered in the same way. These things can help you decide your frame color of your glasses, something that may seem of no value to others. But there are people who may get choosy with what they are wearing and will want to have the perfect glasses which are of the latest designs and following the trends as well. There are different trends that are going on in the eyewear category with different color shades being followed as well in order to look trendy and cool.

Another key thing to note here is that the trends in the glasses varies according to gender as well. There are different trends for men and women and same is the case with the glasses that are been worn by both the genders. From colors to shape to design, everything is different when it comes to gender. Only a few glasses designs are there which can be worn by both the genders apart from which there is nothing as such that can be worn by both the genders as it may look weird. There are a lot of stores available that have been providing the best glasses to the people over the years. But some of the top stores that have the best and trending glasses over the last few years are Ryders Eyewear, Nihao Optical, and YesGlasses. We will now take you through these three brands so that you can know more about them.

Ryders Eyewear

With people have a wide range of stores available to choose from, Ryders Eyewear is that one store which has got all the product design that you may want to see. From having contact glasses to sunglasses to lenses, the store has got it all for you. Not only this, you can find products for both men and women at the store making it easier for everyone to get products according to their choices. At the store you can shop for the products according to different types. You can shop at Ryders Eyewear to shop from frame type where you have options of semi-rim, full rim, invert, rimless, and goggles.

Apart from this you can also shop by frame size at the store which includes large frames, medium frames, small, small medium, and others. For men there are different technologies available in lenses as well which include Standard, antiFog, Polarized, Photochromic, Fyre, and others. There are collection available from sportTech, Explore, streetTech, and others. The same options of glasses are available for women as well at the store. Another edge that the store has over the others is that it has popular products available which can make it easier for you to make your purchase decisions as well. The popular products are those which people are buying frequently and is one of the hottest selling product in the store right now.

Some of the popular designs that you may find at the store include Norvan, Hazel, Pemby, Aero, and others. The store also specializes in making glasses that is helping the athletes as well. The technology of Ryders Eyewear was used for mountain biking and since then a number of sports have got their glasses from the store. The products that are available at the store are of the highest quality and can be purchased at lower prices with the help of discounts. You can get exclusive Ryders Eyewear Coupon Codes from Wanycodes!

Nihao Optical

While you may be looking out for stores that specializes in making glasses, but when it comes to prescription glasses, then there is no one better than Nihao Optical. The store has got a wide range of products when it comes to prescription and no one can beat it in it. From products for men women and kids, the store will let you have all the products that you might not see anywhere else. The best thing about the store is that you can also find products that are unisex making it easier to choose designs for both the genders. At the store there is a wide range of products that is available in different categories and you can select the best one according to your own requirement.

You can select products based on frame type which include full-rim, semi-rimless, rimless, and others. Apart from this you can choose from frame shape which includes cat eye, rectangle, round, oval, aviator, brow line, geometric, square, and others. Another way through which you can purchase glasses is based on the material that you select for your glasses. There are different materials available that you can choose from which include acetate, metal, plastic, titanium, nylon, and others. There is a wide range of colors available as well from which you can choose about the glasses you want. From tortoise to floral to champagne, there are all colors available at store.

At times, there are problems where you may not have an idea what you should buy and this is where Nihao Optical comes into play where it gives you suggestions based on what has been the best selling product for them in the recent past. Once you get to know about it, you can then easily place your order. While the prices at the store is quite nominal if compared with other stores selling glasses, you can reduce these prices further as well. At wanycodes, there are different Nihao Optical discount codes and promos available that you can choose from to get products at discounted prices.


Probably there are a huge number of stores available that are selling latest designs of glasses that you may want to get. But the quality and price at which YesGlasses is selling is second to none. The store has all the types of products in its product portfolio and all those product are being sold properly. Just like the other stores, this store also deals with products for men and women. But apart from this, you can also find eyewear products that have been specifically designed for kids only so that they can have their own choice as well while making a decision.

The glasses are available for both men and women in different categories that you may want to buy from. Some of the popular categories that you may want to buy your products from include rim type, size, material, color, shape, style, feature, and other things. Apart from this, there are different categories for sunglasses while there are different for eyeglasses. In terms of sunglasses you can find tinted sunglasses, gradient sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, and others. There are different collections available as well in case you want to get in something totally new as a product.

From aviators to rectangle frames, there is everything for everyone at this store. One such thing that we looked out for was that the quality of these products is the best of the lot and its pricing can be made even more competitive. But there are different discounts available to the people who can get these discounted product to save something. There are different YesGlasses discount codes and promo codes that you can get from wanycodes in order to get your products at reduced prices in the highest of quality.